CCARPH and EWCAAP hosts “Talk Stories with Sec Arsi Balisacan”

“The EWCAAP Ohana in all sectors of society creatively collaborating towards building Filipino resilience, caring for the environment and the economy”

The Coastal Cities at Risk in the Philippines Project, with Principal Investigator Dr. Emma Porio, along with the East West Center Alumni Association of the Philippines, celebrated their Ohana Homecoming with a lecture series entitled “Talk Stories with Secretary Arsi Balisacan”. The event was held last January 28, 2023 at the Sandbox Zone of the Arete.

Along with Dr. Porio, the well-attended affair also featured Secretary Balisacan of NEDA, Dr. Alex Brillantes of the UP College of Public Administration, Gen. Eric Noble of the PNPA, Dr. Francisco Magno of DLSU, Dr. Cha Repollo of UP, Ms. Elizabeth Milo of the National Anti-Poverty Commission, and Ms. Pauline Salvana Bautista of the Bagong Lumad Artists Foundation and the Loyola School of Theology.

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