Stephanie Nadine Labrador

Title of Master Project: Assessing Health Vulnerability to Climate Change and Public Health Interventions in Batangas Province


Batangas has been consistently among the top provinces with highest number of dengue cases. In an attempt to understand this, climate factors and public health interventions were assessed. This present paper investigated the correlation of three climate factors: rainfall, humidity and temperature to the cases of dengue observed in Batangas Province, Philippines from 2009-2018, as well as the public health interventions implemented during this period. Results showed that during 2009- 2018, Batangas City had the highest and most concentrated dengue cases. Moreover, descriptive statistics and regression analysis showed that rainfall and humidity are weak to moderate predictors of dengue incidences in Batangas Province while temperature had no established relationship with dengue cases at the descriptive statistics level. Furthermore, overlain heat maps of dengue cases to Batangas flood hazard map showed that being flood prone is not a major cause for dengue incidences. Lastly, interventions in the checklist that focused in the barangay community level have been proven effective because it has caused reduction of dengue cases in years 2014- 2018 from the period of 2009- 2013.