Emmanuel Tandoc

Title of Master Project: From Disaster Preparedness to Technology Driven Disaster Resilience:
Installation of Clean Water System – Barangay San Andres, Cainta, Rizal


Though Cainta has risen to be the most progressive, competitive and most profitable municipality in the Philippines with 4.43 billlion worth of assets and is now a first-class municipality, it still lacks a significant level of resilience at the barangay level. This research introduced a technology-based resilience innovation with the help of the Ateneo Innovation Center right in the heart of the most depressed barangay in Cainta, Barangay San Andres. It has the highest population of informal settlers, second highest in terms of population, and caters to more than 16,000 families. It is listed as among the depressed, earthquake prone, and fire prone areas of Cainta. Randomly select households across the 7 barangays of Cainta and conduct water testing to determine and come up with indicative data regarding the current clean water situation of the Municipality.