Ysabel Anne Lee

Title of Master Project: Climate Information for Resilience Building: Communications Criteria for Women Farmers in Naga City


Challenges in Agriculture such as limited access to financing tools, inadequate postharvest facilities and irrigation, limited support for research and development, poor agrarian reform program and their aging workforce; added by challenges in gender drives risk in losses in agriculture and livelihood. This study aims to fill-in the gaps in climate information and communication initiatives in Naga City to address the needs of women in farming barangays to build resilience against climatic hazards. The study discusses that there are several opportunities for the City Agriculture Office to work on such as Improve dissemination of information through local TV stations, Producing short primers on CSA, Localizing existing practices in other localities, Review concepts on climate, Assign focal points per farming barangay to improve agriculture in Naga City, particularly to their women farmers.