Rachelle Anne Miranda

Title of Master Project: Order in Disasters: Assessing the Reliability and Effectiveness of Incident Command System in the Philippines


Chaos is not only limited to the impacts of disasters. More often than not large number of organizations with different mandates, vertical structures, policies, protocols, communication means, and feedback mechanisms can result in unprecedented operational problems. The Study aims to Develop assessment tool, Assess the reliability and effectiveness of Incident Command System (ICS), and formulate policy recommendations. The assessment of ICS in terms of Policy, Training and Operations has been found to be reliable and effective in Managing disasters and planned events. Further, the study recommends To review the policies and harmonize the elements of response, localize the operationalization, and differentiate the levels of responses from local to national level. ICS is not only limited to government response providers. Public offices, government instrumentalities, private offices and CSOs/NGOs must engage in learning the system. Shadowing/ mentoring during actual operations is recommended to ensure that training for ICS is operationalized. Lastly, Disaster Preparedness aspect of ICS as an applied systems thinking must be operationalized by integrating scientific knowledge in the risk assessment, early warning and planning in the response operations.