AIC Presents STEER Technologies at ICICT 2023

Last February 23, 2023, Joy Rocamora, CCARPH Research Associate, presented the paper entitled Sustainable Technologies for Environment-Friendly and Ecological Resilience (STEER) during the Eighth International Congress on Information and Communication Technology (ICICT) organized by Global Knowledge Research Foundation. STEER was authored by Paul M. Cabacungan, Khim Cathleen M. Saddi, Maria Theresa Joy G. Rocamora, Reymond P. Cao, Salvador P. Granada Jr., Paul Ryan A. Santiago, Neil Angelo M. Mercado, Carlos M. Oppus, Cristina F. Gonzales, Nathaniel Joseph C. Libatique, Emma E. Porio, and Gregory L. Tangonan. STEER has also been selected for publication with Springer Nature.

During the presentation, Rocamora highlighted the need for an anticipatory action for cascading disasters specifically for the Philippines, a country that is highly exposed and very vulnerable to geophysical and hydrometeorological disasters. Through anticipatory action, impact and risk will both be reduced. As such, Ateneo Innovation Center (AIC) introduces Anticipatory Technologies from this need. 

Ms. Rocamora presented the Food-Energy-Water-Security (FEWS) Nexus where resources can be used to provide the basic needs of people as well as integrating sustainable livelihoods in at-risk areas to improve their quality of Life. AIC’s technologies namely Clean Water System (CWS) which allows production of potable water safe for both drinking and sustaining hydroponics while also providing light and energy through solar panels and provisions for charging of devices, respectively. Lastly, NearCloud System was also introduced as part of FEWS. NearCloud allows storage, streaming, and transmission of files allowing e-learning to be possible in areas where telecommunications infrastructure is either weak or unavailable. 

The Ateneo Innovation Center is an organizational partner of CCARPH. To know more about them, visit


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