CCARPH learning experience

with the Transdisciplinary Research Intern Mr. Joshua Vidal, LPT

Working as a transdisciplinary research intern of the CCARPH ADMU project, I gained a better understanding of education’s role in addressing social issues. It has helped me clarify my goals and progress toward them. At first, I assumed that being a teacher was like any other job in our society, revolving around the four walls of a classroom, transferring knowledge to students, and adhering to the cardinal rule of education: providing a welcoming atmosphere where learning can flourish, with the emphasis on the learner. Moreover, CCARPH taught me that my profession is way beyond that. The concept that “teaching is the noblest and most demanding vocation” has deeply influenced me at CCAR. Now I understand that this aphorism ensures that education will be accessible, and quality for future generations by bridging the gaps between the past and the present.

Furthermore, CCARPH helped me, as a classroom educator and head of the science faculty, better understand how science can support the nuances of curriculum, the very essence of the teaching and learning process. I employ scientific methods to decipher the curriculum’s intricacies and fix its flaws so every vulnerability can be turned into a learning experience. 

Lastly, my faculty, students, and the entire community I work with have benefited from the influence CCARPH has had on me. My faculty members are currently eager to conduct research in their respective fields. They are thrilled about the chance to collaborate more closely on public-private partnerships, and they have recently joined international climate organizations. CCARPH should be a door that all educators can enter because it encourages going above and beyond what is expected of a professional teacher and investing in fields closely related to human security, such as resilient education.

For more information regarding CCARPH, view the Resilience Toolkit and our social media accounts, and to be updated about recent and upcoming events, please visit


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