Fr. Jett Villarin leads Conversations on Climate and Disaster Resilience

Last August 18, 2022, CCARPH hosted the Conversations on Climate and Disaster Resilience with Fr. Jett Villarin, CCARPH Project Holder (2018-2020). The event was convened by Dr. Emma Porio, Project Leader and Principal Investigator of CCARPH, and was held at the Sandbox Residents’ Area of the Innovation Wing of Arete.

The well-attended hybrid affair included representatives from St. Joseph’s College of Quezon City, the Center for Positive Futures, the Student Catholic Action of the Philippines, Justice Palma Foundation, the Mother Earth Foundation, as well as the Ayala Foundation. Attendees, both physically present, and on Zoom, were able to listen to Fr. Villarin’s address on the science of climate change, as well as how our current actions affect the world around us now, and in the future.

This event is part of CCARPH’s new phase which includes institutionalization and information dissemination. For updates on upcoming events, visit our Resilience Toolkit, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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