XUERC Web-GRiD HazaMO: Hazard Monitoring Operation for #AuringPH

The Xavier University Engineering Resource Center (XUERC) releases Web-GriD (Web-based Geospatial Risk Database) “HazaMo,” a Hazard Monitoring Operation for #AuringPH.

HazaMO is coined from the Visayan words: “Asa mo? Naay bagyo!” (Where are you? There’s a storm!) – to emphasize that geographic information is vital during these times. The MO is also intentional to trace XUERC’s strong partnership with the Manila Observatory (MO).

Web-GRiD: HazaMO Auring (2021)

About the Map

You will be able to view and choose layers of the above-mentioned parameters of hazard, exposure, and vulnerability or capacity. You can start by locating where your city or municipality is, click on the population density (to see how your place compares to neighboring towns), then click on the storm track to see if it is going to pass by near your place or not. You may also click on the poverty incidence to see how each place is vulnerable (because in most cases, disasters are strongly linked to poverty). Try also clicking the flood-prone areas because typhoons usually bring heavy rains and may cause flooding.

Web-GRiD: HazaMO Auring (2021)

Check out Web-GRiD: HazaMO Auring 2021 at https://xuerc-webgis.maps.arcgis.com/apps/View/index.html?appid=5ac223a7206445bcb1ad8d26c6b8bd3c&fbclid=IwAR28kkO5JZBWH4N98a7ncExt1Ahl4mZVv0s8PwyEgkK6It1IZCwwpkQripo&extent=118.4865%2C4.5268%2C133.4938%2C11.0541

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