CCARPH Advisor Dr. Fabian Dayrit Proposes Coconut Oil as ‘Treatment Candidate’ for the Novel Coronavirus

CCARPH Advisor Dr. Fabian M. Dayrit* proposes how virgin coconut oil (VCO) and its derivatives can be treatment candidates for the novel coronavirus (nCoV-2019).

In an article released in the Ateneo de Manila University website entitled, “The Potential of Coconut Oil and its Derivatives as Effective and Safe Antiviral Agents Against the Novel Coronavirus (nCoV-2019)” last January 31, Dr. Dayrit, together with Dr. Mary Newport of Spring Hill Neonatology in Florida, USA, shared how the lauric acid and its derivatives in coconut oil have antiviral properties that may combat the virus. This recommendation was based on a review of several scientific studies which identified three mechanisms by which lauric acid and other coconut oil derivatives can inactivate viruses. 

Dr. Dayrit proposes to conduct clinical studies using virgin coconut oil and its derivatives on those infected by the virus. All of the suggested test materials are already available, inexpensive, and are known to be safe. He also recommends that the general public consider taking virgin coconut oil as a preventive measure against the virus.

Last January 30, the World Health Organization declared a global emergency over the novel coronavirus. Despite the total number of cases exceeding 7,000 worldwide, a cure is yet to be found. 

To read the full article released by Dr. Dayrit and Dr. Newport, you may click this link:

*Dr. Fabian Dayrit is emeritus professor at the Department of Chemistry in the Ateneo de Manila University. He is an Academician and current Vice-President of the National Academy of Science and Technology Philippines (NAST PH) and is also the President of Integrated Chemists of the Philippines (ICP).

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Dr. Fabian M. Dayrit:

Virgin Coconut Oil: Herbal Medicine:The Future is Natural” by Dr. Fabian Dayrit

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