AIC, MDRR students train officials of Buklod Tao to assemble low-cost, solar-powered water system

by A. Dineros/Coastal Cities at Risk in the Philippines

The Master of Disaster Risk and Resilience students join the Ateneo Innovation Center in training the key officials of Buklod Tao, Inc. and Barangay Banaba in San Mateo, Rizal on how to assemble and install the low-cost, solar-powered water system.

Supervised by AIC Head of Operations Paul Cabacungan and with the assistance of Raymond Cao, the MDRR students explained the process of assembling the solar panel, water filters, and the disinfection lamp.

Buklod Tao officials were also taught how to properly operate and maintain the clean water system. They also had hands-on training of checking the voltages of the panel and battery and load output from the charge controller using the digital multimeter (DMM) device.

The Clean Water System uses solar panels and involves collecting and converting rainwater into clean water.

This initiative supports one of the objectives of the CCAR-PH which is to enhance capacity and transfer knowledge for climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction for resilience. With the help of the students of the newly-created MDRR program, Buklod Tao officials were informed about the innovative and low-cost solutions that they can use in the community.

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